Cloning Johnny Depp

Scientific breakthroughs
Needn’t lead to Frankenstein.
In fact, there is one project
I’m sure would be worth trying.
If they’ve perfected cloning sheep,
The logical next step
Is cloning something everybody wants –
Like Johnny Depp!

To get more women into science,
This research would be key.
Imagine, enough Depp for all,
For you – and you – and me!
And it’s not just for the ladies
For, whatever your persuasion,
You must admit those cheekbones
Hold a certain fascination

Ignore those who scream, “Ethics!
It’s against all natural laws!”
Funding can (and must) be found
For such a worthy cause.
This world would be more beautiful
With Depps spread far and wide,
And we might start a brand new category
when it comes to the Nobel Prize.


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