The Waves Keep On Rolling

There are times when it seems
that the life of a man
is so futile, so fragile,
a castle of sand.
And as hard as you try
you can’t hold back the tide,
and the waves keep on rolling,
they cast it aside…

Though the road may be hard,
someone’s walked it before
and the stories from their life
can shed light on yours.
And though words may seem frail
as a net cast in air,
they can capture the truth
in tales which will always be there…

So those songs still remain
though the singer is gone.
Let the waves keep on rolling –
they’ll carry the song.
Time and tide grind the rock
down to sand, fine and soft,
but not those who inspire us –
no, they’ll never ever be lost…


(RIP Ron Hynes)


Pictures, or it didn’t happen?

I don’t show strangers photos
to prove where I have been –
my word should be enough
or, clearly, they’re no friend to me.

Photos may jog the memory,
lead to contemplation –
sadly, this has been replaced
by over-documentation.

Who can truly know a place,
find out what makes it tick,
whilst framing a self-portrait
on a damn selfish selfie stick?

No photograph can capture
a hawk’s weight on my wrist,
the crackle of logs burning,
the awesome hush of an eclipse,

the chill wind from an iceberg,
the splash of whales at play,
the warmth of a sleeping love
at the end of a perfect day.

Intermittent Other

To the one I think of often
though you’re rarely by my side.
You’ll never be my next of kin
but I’d want you told if I died.

Maybe we’re too independent –
we survive alone quite well –
but when stuff happens, good or bad,
you’re the first one I long to tell.

No, we’ll never be an item
but, ‘significant’ or not,
you’re my intermittent other
and the dearest friend that I’ve got.

Negative Knickers

So you’d like to ask for a favour?
I’m sorry – you don’t stand a chance.
You should have asked me yesterday –
I was wearing my positive pants.
But I change my pants each morning
(’cause my dear old mum told me so) –
now I’m wearing my negative knickers
and my negative knickers say “No!”

I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed.
I really don’t mean to be rude.
Just blame those negative knickers
with their selfish and bad attitude.
I honestly want to help you,
I usually try to be kind  –
but I’ve got my negative knickers on,
and the knickers don’t feel so inclined.

Those knickers are terribly naughty –
the things have a mind of their own!
Oh, I can’t take them anywhere,
and I simply daren’t leave them alone.
But soon they’ll be in the laundry,
enjoying a delicate wash  –
so just ask me again in the morning
when my negative knickers come off!