Negative Knickers

So you’d like to ask for a favour?
I’m sorry – you don’t stand a chance.
You should have asked me yesterday –
I was wearing my positive pants.
But I change my pants each morning
(’cause my dear old mum told me so) –
now I’m wearing my negative knickers
and my negative knickers say “No!”

I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed.
I really don’t mean to be rude.
Just blame those negative knickers
with their selfish and bad attitude.
I honestly want to help you,
I usually try to be kind¬† –
but I’ve got my negative knickers on,
and the knickers don’t feel so inclined.

Those knickers are terribly naughty –
the things have a mind of their own!
Oh, I can’t take them anywhere,
and I simply daren’t leave them alone.
But soon they’ll be in the laundry,
enjoying a delicate wash¬† –
so just ask me again in the morning
when my negative knickers come off!