How To Feed A Vegan

How to feed a vegan –
it needn’t cause a fuss!
It’s easy to remember –
think ‘vegetarian – plus’.

They simply don’t eat animals,
no, not of any sort.
It really isn’t difficult –
it just requires some thought.

Yes, that’s including chicken,
and fish of every kind,
and Quorn (’cause it’s got egg white) –
but soya is just fine.

No things that come from animals –
like eggs and milk and cheese,
or gelatine (that’s made from hoof!)
or honey (made by bees).

And don’t forget the insects
that can hide inside a meal
(for some are used as additives –
beetles in cochineal).

So now you know the basics
about this kind of diet.
It’s healthy, and low-calorie –
perhaps you’d like to try it?