Eating The Animal Kingdom

I’m eating the animal kingdom –
It’s taken a while for me to compile
my edible bestiary.

I’ll have alligator to start with
(will it taste like chicken, or fish?)
A slice of bison would be quite nice, and
then caribou – simply delish!

Some dogfish fresh fried from the chip shop,
a pot of jellied eels,
then maybe some frogs’ legs might hit the spot –
I’ll just have to see how I feel.

Then I could gobble up goose pâté,
wash it down with jugged hare.
Impala steak will be next on the plate,
delicious cooked lovely and rare.

Oh, jellyfish can be chewy (yuck!)
Kangaroo can be too –
but I’m rather keen on lamb, if it’s lean,
and I really enjoy moose stew.

I’ll nibble next on a nautilus,
try ostrich, in a bun.
The taste of pheasant is very pleasant
and quail, though quite small, can be fun.

Rabbit ragu vanished rapidly
(almost scampered away).
I wouldn’t want seal for every meal,
but turkey is more than OK.

I want to try hedgehog cooked in clay –
called urchin, years ago.
Then some venison (sorry, Bambi’s mum –
the yummiest mummy I know!)

Wild boar is a tasty W
but X has set me back –
it’s hard to feast on an extinct beast,
but if I can’t get yeti, there’s yak.

So now I’ve nearly reached the end
of my animal repast.
Just wait a sec for it all to digest –
I’ll save the zebra till last!