Blog Fodder

(with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

At a desk with a laptop, a poor blogger sat
saying “Fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder…”
lamenting the terrible circumstance that
there’s no fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder.
“Lately no-one’s inspired me, or injured my pride,
and actual research is too hard – I’ve tried!
Oh, I’d write of my love life (if that hadn’t died)
for fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder.”

Sitting there at a desk in a state of despair
moaning “Fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder.”
Trying to pluck inspiration from out of thin air
crying “Fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder!”
Until sobbing and sighing becomes a routine,
then into the kitchen in search of caffeine –
while a hungry hum comes from the waiting machine
for fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder.

Now I feel just as sure as I’m sure that my name
isn’t fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder,
that thousands of bloggers have all felt the same
lack of fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder.
So if you remain flummoxed and desperate, I
suggest – turn on your TV (HBO or Sky),
and then watch Game of Thrones until somebody dies –
Yes! Fodder, blog fodder, blog fodder!