According To Andrea…

All those who make a conscious choice
not to burden a crowded Earth,
those who spend months praying desperately
that this child will live until birth,
those who choose not to pass on tainted genes
or a cycle of abuse,
all those whom cruel circumstance
has robbed of functioning wombs,
and those who take vows of chastity
devoting their lives to others –

we don’t have a stake in the future
because we are not mothers.


3 thoughts on “According To Andrea…

    • Thank you – I thought writing a poem was a more constructive response than yelling at my television 🙂

      But really, what a way to just casually dismiss so many women – and men!

      (Breathe. Breathe… Hee hee)

      I really like your site, by the way. Some good stuff there.

      Liked by 1 person

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